Parcels in the Post

I posted my Holiday swap parcel this week, it’s heading off to Spain and I’m hoping the  recipient will enjoy the contents as much as I enjoyed putting her parcel together. I love getting “real” mail and this time of year I don’t need any excuse to rootle through my address book and write cards and letters to far away friends. Luckily lots of you feel the same and Emma and I have been thrilled how many of you have joined our Handmade Holiday Swap. I took a look at Dawn’s blog today and was quite overcome by the gorgeous things she has made for her swap partner Heike.

I have spent most of today baking and cooking in preparation for a night in with “The Girls”, I can’t think of a nicer way to spend my time than creating beautiful things for others and I hope the ladies appreciate the goats cheese tarts, venison casserole and creme brulee!

I’ll share the recipes with you later this week, at the moment I’m struggling to type on the teeny tiny keyboard of my Samsung notebook as my lovely laptop (bought a few many years ago for my 40th Birthday!) has finally given up the ghost!

Oh – and 1st December means  I can finally open the first door of my advent calendar. The teen has her chocolate filled felt number (complete with mouse nibbled edges due to an attic invasion), but for me you can’t beat the excitement of a tiny picture hiding behind a numbered door!

Snail Mail Swap Update

Every item was wrapped in beautiful striped tissue paper

A few weeks back I signed up for Mousy Brown’s Celebration Swap to mark 2 years of her lovely blog. I was partnered with Dawn, and as I already read her blog I knew this would be a fab partnership. She is so creative!

Each parel was labelled according the the themes of the swap

Anyway, today my parcel arrived, and while the photos aren’t as good as the ones she took, I wanted to let you see what I got.  If this has made you feel in the mood for some hand made goodness, you still have time to sign up for the Holiday Swap I’m hosting with Emma.

Bulbs for the garden, a diary, sugar mice, a scarf, an apron, cookie cutter, a beautiful pin, a tin of buttons, a lot of thought and heaps of imagination!

I can’t think of a more imaginative way to tell Dawn how much I love my parcel, so I’ll simply say “Thank you” – and how did you possibly know my Brownies are currently making Matryoshka dolls as part of their Russia Challenge badge?

I’ll be posting photos of what I sent to Dawn later this week, for now I’m off to play with new drop spindle (Ah, you’ll have to wait a bit for that story!)

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