When “The Teen” was at primary school we were always being asked to make items that could be sold at summer  fetes and Christmas fairs, my default setting was to make dozens of tiny  pom poms, attach sticky feet, googly eyes and a small paper banner with something appropriate written on it (you know the kind of thing I mean – they were very poular at one time). This little piece of frippery reminds me of those days.

I made him this morning, when I had what Mr T laughingly refers to as a “design and development morning” AKA me, sitting in the sunshine with hook and yarn when I am supposed to be hard at work on the current commissions.

I think he’d be ideal for any fund raising events you might have coming up.

Here’s how to make him:

You will need:

small scraps of dk yarn, a 3mm crochet hook, some toy stuffing and assorted buttons. A small piece of sticky back felt (sold cheaply in craft stores such as Hobbycraft), fabric glue.

Method (written in UK crochet terms)

With your chosen yarn and 3mm hook, make an adjustable ring

Round 1: 6 dc into ring (6 dc)

Round 2: *2 dc in each dc, rep from * to end (12 dc)

Round 3: *  1 dc  in each of first 2 dc, 2 dc in next dc, rep from * to end (18 dc)

Round 4: * 1 dc in each of first 3 dc, 2 dc in next dc, rep from * to end (24 dc)

Rounds 5 – 10: work 1 dc in each dc

Stuff firmly

Round 11: 1 dc in each dc (24 dc)

Add more stuffing if desired

Round 12: * 1 dc in each first 2 dc, dc2tog, rep from * to end (18 dc)

Round 13: 1 dc in each dc

Round 13: * 1 dc in each of first 2 dc, dc2tog, rep from * to end (12 dc)

Add more stuffing if needed, fasten off yarn and weave in ends. There will be a small gap in the bottom, to close this simply weave the yarn through the stitches to fasten off and draw tight.

Ears: With 3mm hook, rejoin yarn to any stitch on round 2, work 3 htr into same stitch, sl st into same st and fasten off yarn. repeat on the other side. make sure the  ears are level and the same size.

Wings (make 2): With a co-ordinating colour and 3 mm hook make an adjustable ring, work 6 dc into the ring. On the next round work 2 dc in each dc to last st, work 1 htr, 1 tr, 1 htr into last st, sl st into next st and fasten off yarn leaving a long tail for attaching to body.

Making up: Sew wings onto sides of body, sew buttons for eyes and beak. Cut a small heart shape from your sticky back felt and glue the felt side to the base of your owl. If you like, a small banner can be glued on at the same time (I used a small piece of ribbon). His sticky feet make him ideal for attaching to any surface, as you can see, he’s already found a home on the corner of my laptop!

There you go, I honestly think it took me longer to write this up than it did to make him!

Happy making.

Tracey x

ps I typed this up whilst sitting in the sunshine, so if you spot an error do tell me!