Very occasionally, you’ll find sponsored content here –  always clearly disclosed, with any free samples I received clearly indicated. I work to maintain integrity and honesty in my posts, and only feature brands that align to my own values & beliefs. If a product, book or event has been provided free of charge, then you’ll find it listed as a “sponsored blog post”.  If you take part in a give away or competition on the blog, then it’s likely that the prizes / freebies have been provided for free and it’s important you read the terms and conditions before entering. I do not use affiliate links (where bloggers are paid to link to third parties), if I include a link it’s because I think it will be useful to my readers – not because I’m paid to!

On Twitter and Instagram, I will occasionally retweet or share things I find interesting, but these are not endorsements. Products featured on my social media feeds are bought and paid for by me unless tagged as sponsored posts. Where I post a photo of a design or a published article, these may feature yarns or products supplied by companies at the request of the publication. Where I collaborate directly with a yarn store, wool company or independent dyer this will be clearly stated in my post. I do not accept money from any organisation in return for recommendations.

I always let companies know I will only review products I liked or that worked (it’s not unheard of for me to return an item if I don’t think my readers will find it useful or if it didn’t do what it promised).

Many of the books I review I buy myself or have been given as gifts by friends and family, if a book has been supplied for free as part of a review, this is listed as a “sponsored post”. I do not use the hashtag “#gifted” – if a company sends me a product, I don’t regard it as a gift, but as a request for review or endorsement – and I’ll make that clear in my post.

Companies – feel free to get in touch if you think your product would be of interest to my readers (mostly women, mostly 50+, mostly in the UK). I’m always happy to discuss reviews, give aways or ways we can work together.

Readers – want to share your discoveries with other readers / got a hint / hack or tip to make our lives easier? Then please get in touch.

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