Gone … But Not Forgotten …

It’s almost two years now since I gave up my role at the Low Carbon Communities Network and took, what was meant to be a six month sabbatical. Time out from working with communities and voluntary groups. Time out from the weekly grind of commuting to London. Time out from the constant pressure of seeking funding and support for community groups who were doing such amazing work in the places where they lived. “Time in” for the family, home, friends and life in the slow lane. I’d met some great people, had some amazing times, but I know it was the right decision step back for a while (or maybe even forever?)

It was hard, I never quite managed to “let go”. In between “tweet”s from my allotment or knit group I would find myself wanting to shout from the roof tops about the great stuff I could see going on around me (Stuff like this). Every time I looked at Project Dirt’s website  I wanted to roll up my sleeves and get digging. I read Thriving Too with a sense of increasing awe and admiration. I worked hard to build up a life of creativity, my knitting and crochet becoming a bigger and bigger part of how I lived, and now earn a living (well, as much of a living as you can earn from craft!)

Today, I found myself mentioned here. It quite took my breath away. I honestly thought I had moved on, my work with Low Carbon Communities forgotten. Please take a look at Tessy’s post and you’ll see why I spilt my coffee as I read her list!

How could a dumpy middle aged housewife such as me possibly deserve a place in such a list of “Radicals”? No, really I’m not fishing for compliments. I’m serious.

Isn’t that the point though? Every one can play a role in making our society a “better”, happier, more fulfilling place to be. Regardless of our skills, background, age or abilities we can make a difference by collaborating and connecting with each other? And, wasn’t that the reason the Low Carbon Communities Network came about in the first place? To create, connect and help each other?

I noticed that John Popham (someone else I admire A LOT) has invited readers to nominate individuals for  a similar list on The Northerner Blog (Read some of the comments and you’ll see plenty happens up North). Please add to his list.

All this has made me realise that somehow, some time,  I have to find a balance. I can continue to craft, create and make a simple life here in Cheshire and at the same time find a way to support individuals and not for profits doing amazing stuff in their communities. It’s an idea that has been “bubbling away”  for a while.  Now I just need to work out how…

…  All suggestions welcome

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  1. Thanks for the lovely mention of Project Dirt Tracey… glad you’re finding inspiration through it!

    And … looking forward to discussing the “how” in your post, next week!


  2. Not quite the same thing, but I do a lot of sewing and knitting for various charities – mostly making quilts for Project Linus, which gives quilts to sick children, and also to vulnerable and abused children. I’ve also in the past knitted hats for sailors and Big Issue sellers!


  3. Ali

     /  February 21, 2012

    I don’t think the Radical in anyone fades, sometimes it gets a bit buried but usually germinates and rises to the surface with another bloom when the time is right!
    Your ability to socially network with such diverse groups of people electronically and face to face is a huge talent.. and this post may have set someone somewhere on the path…
    There is one thing I might have to challenge in this post though….’dumpy middle aged housewife’ ???
    Hope the bubbling ferments into something practical soon Tracey and look forward to hearing all about it!
    Ali xxx


  4. Tracey Todhunter

     /  February 22, 2012

    It’s exactly the same thing – making and connecting with others is valuable. Think of all those Project Linus blankets all being made by different people in different places all knowing they are part of something much bigger. T x


  5. Tracey Todhunter

     /  February 22, 2012

    Hee hee – I knew you wouldn’t let that comment pass :) Thank you so much for the kind words too, I don’t think you realise how much you do too :) Think of your blog and all the generosity it inspires in others.
    T x


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