Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone. I hope that 2012 has started well for you all. I am always full of optimism at the beginning of a new year and 2012 is no exception. We toasted the new year with a bottle of Grandad’s Elderflower 1994 ( a particularly good year – and the year “The Teen” made her appearance).

This is a year that will be full of changes. “The Teen” will be off to University, leaving me free to “pursue my own interests” (or as Mr T puts it “Get off my backside and find a job”). Yes, it’s going to be an exciting year.

Do I want to go back to the world of community development and sustainability consultancy? Or should I pursue my ambition to make a living doing the things I love?After all, there’s nothing actually “wrong” with my life as it is. We eat well, have amazing friends, have our health and each other. Things could be a lot worse.

Who know what this year will hold, but all suggestions and predictions welcome.

Remember, life is what you make it.


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  1. Whatever you decide I hope there’ll still be time to fit in a bit of shopping and lunching! (Sorry, for the benefit of our respective Mr T’s that will be “research and networking”!).

    ps. If you have the opportunity to do something you really love, go for it – you’ll always wonder “what if?” if you don’t! Happy New Year : )


  2. Tracey Todhunter

     /  January 5, 2012

    Always time for shopping and lunching, especially with such lovely friends :)


  3. heikeknits

     /  January 5, 2012

    Happy New Year to you dear Tracey and may this year bring you everything you wish for x


  4. Ali

     /  January 5, 2012

    Happy New Year Tracey – ooh changes…how exciting?! Whatever you do I’m sure you will approach it creatively, with imgination, full of positivity and your cheerful friendly personality!
    Have fun – looking forward to sharing your musings makings and decisions!
    Ali x


  5. Happy New Year Tracey. I hope you try ‘the things you love’ first – you never know, it could always turn into a ‘proper job’ then you’ll kill two birds with one stone and Mr. T and the teen will be really proud. Hope to see you soon at F & C. I was going to come tonight but didn’t sleep last night due to the winds and had a really busy day (doing things I love too and getting paid for it too – hubby impressed). Good luck whatever you do and have a fab 2012 xx Lynne xx


  6. Tracey Todhunter

     /  January 6, 2012

    Thank you Heike, Ali and Lynne, each of you inspire me every day. xx


  7. Hi Tracey, glad the pattern arrived safely, and thanks for the card! Why don’t you give youself a set amount of time to see if you can make a go of crafting as a job, then if it doesn’t work out and you have to get a’ rea’l job, at least you won’t have to keep saying ‘what if’


  8. Tracey Todhunter

     /  January 10, 2012

    Thanks Anne, that’s a very good idea


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