How to Crochet a Beanie

I love crochet beanies, and this one is so quick, simple and easy to customise I had to share it. I’ve included a few photos of the process to help new crochet fans get to grips with some of the techniques of crochet in the round. Once you have mastered the basic pattern, you can go ahead and alter the stitch, play with colours or work a turn up by simply turning and working in the opposite direction.

I hope you have fun with this pattern.
Tracey x

Tracey’s Easy Crochet Beanie:


Aran weight yarn

Size 4.5mm or 5mm hook

1 removable stitch marker

Chain 3, join with sl st  and work 6DC into ring(or make an adjustable ring, chain 3 and work 5 DC into the ring)

Make an adjustable ring by making a slip stitch, instead of putting this onto the hook as usual in a foundation chain, you'll be working into the loop.

Rnd 1: 2dc in each dc to marker, mark beginning of round with a removable stitch marker, 12 sts (chains)

Work 2 DC into each chain (ch, this will increase the number of chains, use a stitch marker to keep track of each round.

Rnd 2: *1dc in first dc, 2dc in next dc; rep from *  to marker (you will find yourself working in a spiral). Remember to move the stitch marker as you work the last ch of each round, this will mark the last stitch of the next round.

With each round of increases, your circle will get bigger and may begin to curl - this is normal - don't panic!

Rnd 3: *1dc in 2dc, 2dc in next dc; rep from * to marker

Rnd 4: *2dc in first dc, 1dc in next 3 dc; rep from * to marker

Rnd 5: *1dc in 4dc, 2dc in next dc; rep from * to marker

Rnd 6: *2dc in first dc, 1dc in next 5dc; rep from *to marker

Rnd 7: *1dc in 6dc, 2dc in next dc; rep from * to marker

Rnd 8: *2dc in first dc, 1dc in next 7dc; rep from *to marker (jump to round 14 for baby size)

Rnd 9: *1dc in 8dc, 2dc in next dc; rep from * to marker (jump to round 14 for toddler size)

Rnd 10: *2dc in first dc, 1dc in next 9dc; rep from * to marker (jump to round 14 for child size)

Photo taken at end of round 13

Rnd 11: *1dc in 10dc, 2dc in next dc; rep from *to marker (jump to round 14 for women’s size)

Rnd 12: *2dc in first dc, 1dc in next 11dc; rep from * to marker

Rnd 13: *1dc in 12dc, 2dc in next dc; rep from * to marker

Round 14 onwards keep working DC into each chain until the hat is the desired length This is more of a guideline pattern, you can make your first hat and then adjust the crown rounds to your desired size adding increases if needed by doing more rounds in the set pattern.

In the first photo, you can see a finished hat. I worked alternate rows of half trebles and trebles to give some texture to the hat. I finished with 2 rows of double crochet to give a sturdy edge. Once yu have mastered the basic technique, you can make this hat fit anyone. Use a smaller hook and a DK weight yarn – but remember this will  make a smaller hat, so you’ll need to work more increase rounds.

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  1. Awesome! thanks so much. I cannot believe you knocked this up so quickly! It’s gonna take me til Xmas :-)


  2. Ali

     /  November 5, 2011

    Mum crocheted me a beanie last Christmas – I’m looking forward to wearing it again soon!
    Love your colour! xx


  3. Tracey Todhunter

     /  November 6, 2011

    It won’t take you long at all – happy to help if you need some tips xx


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