Let’s Hear it for the Granny Square

The item most people want to make when they come on a Learn to Crochet Course is the granny square. We all seem to have memories of gaudy blankets from our childhood and the chance to create something colourful and useful such as a blanket is very appealing to someone new to crochet.

There are dozens of blogs out there with photos of the most colourful creation, showing that the humble “beginner project” can  be used to show off fabulous yarns and superb colour combinations. The granny square might be the workhorse of the crochet tool box, but is has the possibility to create something beautiful and practical. I’ve seen waistcoats, scarves, shopping bags,  even a coat made from beautiful hand dyed yarns on display in Connecticut yarn store (the owner refused to let me photograph it, worried I might ”steal” her design).

This year I’ve made several granny square blankets, (you might remember my post with photos of my dad’s and mine back in the spring). I currently have a  growing pile of lace weight squares sitting by my sofa (before you gasp in admiration I’m crocheting it “double” on a 3mm hook), no fine lace masterpiece, but gorgeously soft and luxurious nonetheless. I’m hoping it will leave home with “The Teen” next year, a little something to remember her dear old Mum. She’s growing up so fast and away so much just now visiting friends and enjoying the last weeks of summer freedom that I have an idea I’m going to be an unbearable “Empty Nester”.

Do you remember that book “Chicken Soup for the Soul”? I think crochet is my  chicken soup. Always there, reliable, trustworthy and won’t let you down. The gentle rhythm of trebles and chains, repeated each round is both comforting and exciting, when should you change colour, should you make squares or circles, or maybe even hexagons? Do you use yarns from your stash or buy in something new and colourful to match a favourite colour scheme? Even when you only have a few yards of yarn and a hook you can make a granny square, and even just one is the beginning of a treasured family heirloom.

So… tell me … what’s your unsung hero of the yarn lover’s toolkit? I’d love to know.


ps I’ve now added the baby blanket yarn and pattern details to my Ravelry profile and you can find a tutorial for making a granny square from the Rowan website.

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  1. Although I can crochet, I prefer knitting, and it’s a rare evening when I don’t knit. (I sew during the day). I think I most enjoy socks – if I get my skein of yarn wound today, I’ll start a new pair tonight! However, seeing your granny squares has given me a notion to get a hook out and make a few!!


  2. Tracey Todhunter

     /  August 31, 2011

    Seeing your sewing projects always inspires me , I crochet in the evenings while the family watch TV, granny squares are perfect for that. Thanks for dropping by.


  3. Oooooo I am so excited you are top of the list…. Crossing everything for you today!!!
    Emma x


  4. Tracey Todhunter

     /  August 31, 2011

    Thanks Emma, loved seeing your Guest Post on the Inside Crochet blog.


  5. Fingers crossed for you, let us know straight away! You know me well enough to know that my first love is knitting and designing small things, but I do love crochet too, especially ‘granny squares’ and one can never have enough blankets. The ‘Teen’ will love hers, I am sure. When I first moved to the UK my Mum gave me one, I treasured it for a very long time and it subsequently was very muched loved by the dog. xx


  6. Tracey Todhunter

     /  August 31, 2011

    Thak you, can’t wait to see you on the 10th, will bring my Tunisian crochet projects to show you. Txx


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