Parlez vous Knit s’il vous plait?

pink knitted bear I’ve been knitting since I was a little girl. I learnt the old fashioned way, in draughty school classrooms and at home, watching my Granny and my Nanna. I still have vivid memories of the red, white and blue poncho my Nanna knitted me to wear with hot pants (it was the 70’s after all). None of the women in my family spent money on knitting patterns, they would decide what to knit, visit the market or the wool shop(back in the days when every self respecting market had a wool stall resplendent in vivid shades of acrylic), choose their yarn, “put some by”, in case they ran out and get on with their creations.

So, now I am returning to knitting after a long break I am determined to master a knitting pattern and I am pleased to say I’m getting there slowly. Making myself choose small projects with “easy” instructions so I can learn to div dec, psso, ssk and p1yfd all of which I mastered in making the little ted above.

Although, reading this yesterday did leave me in a bit of a sweat:

[S1 knitwise wyb] 2 times, k1, p1, M1L, k3,p2, p3tog, p2, k3, M1R

and let’s gloss over the sneaky p1tbl!!

Luckily, I had the lovely ladies at my Knit Group to help me out. Knitting in company is so much more fun than knitting alone, and while crochet will always be my first love  I am becoming quite fond of my knitting too. I love the camaraderie and laughter of knit group, how every one of us has something in common and I’ve yet to meet a knitter (or crocheter, spinner, dyer or weaver) who wasn’t happy to share their skills or pass on handy tips. Combine that with a healthy dose of gossip, a strong mug of tea and you’ve a winning combination. So, to all the ladies at my knit group – thank you – you are all wonderful.


undyed Limari swatch

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