Summer reading:

So, the blog stats show more than one of you reads this diary, so I’m taking pity on you all. here are a few suggestions for interesting reads. They are amongst my favourites and reflect my eclectic taste. Hopefully you’ll find something in this lot worth book marking.In fact, they all have something in common, they are written by women who don’t fit the conventional mould. In one way or another, they all deserve a second glance and in a way, that’s the point of this post. Stop taking things at face value, scratch beneath the surface and surprise yourself…

Let’s start with a knitting blog, well, a blog by a knitter at any rate. Woolly Wormhead’s hats are inspired works of art and her writing is honest, down to earth and covers a range of subjects. Reading one post, I was reminded of a dear friend, who many years ago lost her treasured waist length dreads as a result of aggressive chemotherapy. She took to wearing a selection of severe bob styled wigs in primary colours, but I’m sure if Woolly had been blogging in the 80’s  (of course, the internet hadn’t been “invented” back then), we’d have all been seconded to felting her some new head gear as worn by Woolly herself. I defy you to read this blog and not be tempted to think about what’s important in your own life.

Next, something a bit more “earthy”. Mocha Beanie Mummy tells it how it is, life as a mother, photographer, and  exceptionally funny and loyal friend.  Here is a sample of what you’re in for. I defy any woman not to nod along in agreement (especially if you blog or use twitter). If you are really brave, you might meet up with her for real as I did. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed, we had a blast! So much whipped cream and so little time (calm down – it was afternoon tea with scones and dainty sandwiches with the crusts cut off). I can’t wait to see her again, hopefully on my birthday later this year.

Now for a plug for a friend – but don’t hold that against her, Andrea’s photography is sublime, her blog hilarious and at the same time full of the most amazing pictures and stories of her clients. She has a talent for sure, what you might call an “eye”, she even managed to make me look vaguely attractive!

I can’t resist a shameless plug for Thriving Too, I wish I could find the time and inspiration to contribute to this community blog more often, but there are so many talented others who beat me to it.

And finally, a mention for someone (or should that be something?), who should have a blog but doesn’t. Instead you’ll have to read about  Archie Palombella then seek him out on Facebook. Not only the most loveable rogue, but clearly the most talented dog since Lassie!

So there you are, go read, and remember live, love and laugh.


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  1. I always enjoy stopping by your blog Tracey…so it was lovely to get a mention xx thanks sweety for the nice words x


  2. Julie Schofield

     /  July 30, 2010

    Daisy is very upset that you think Archie is the most talented dog on Facebook……but has to agree that he has far more adventures than she does…. :)


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